Sports Database

Napit brings together a wealth of information on all sports including, fixtures, history, results and news as well as essential travel and ticket information.

Horse Racing Courses
Details of all UK Racecourses and Irish Racecourses includes course details, contact information and travel guides.

Horse Racing Fixtures
UK And Irish horse racing fixtures for the current year as well as records of past fixtures and guides to all major race meetings in both the UK and Ireland.

Famous Horse Races
UK And Irish horse races, history and past winner information

UK And Irish Greyhound information, including track details, contact information, travel guides, UK Greyhound Racedays and Irish Greyhound Racedays

A full guide to all UK and Irish Football Teams covering both professional and non league, history past results and winners of all Domestic Cup Competitions, European Cup Competitions and International Cup Competitions and details of football Players Teams And Managers Awards

Including a history of both the game and England's test match record, as well as County Cricket Clubs information, fixtures and records.

A full guide to all UK and Irish Rugby Union Clubs all domestic and international Rugby Union Cup Competitions.
A full guide to all Rugby League Clubs and Rugby League Information

A full guide to Motorsport including Formula 1, World Rally Championships, MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes and British Speedway, history, track details, team information and fixtures

The history of Golf and past winners and records of all the Majors and the Ryder Cup English Golf Courses, Scottish Golf Courses, Welsh Golf Courses, Irish Golf Courses.

Sports Calendar
A calendar for all major sporting events this year as well as recording major events of previous years